The explainer video is the best possible way to demonstrate your product or service in a simple and understandable way. This format of video production is cost-effective and can be made in lesser time. Though there are few points to ponder upon while finalizing a format and explainer video production company.

• Always look for explainer video production company which has a body of work to showcase.
• Do not get confused with explainer video production companies jargons like 3D & 2D.
• Always be specific for the duration of the explainer video.
• Never combine multiple services/products in one video.
• Choose the right accent for voice-over.
• In case of service sector try to present the concept through a character.
• Always showcase product/service as a problem solver in the video.
• Ensure style book of the brand in terms of color and font is always followed.

It is always advisable to look for explainer video production companies rather than freelance artists for simple reason of reliability and timely delivery. Moreover, an explainer video production company would give you an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for changes in video for an additional small amount. With AMC in kitty, we can refresh the explainer video for a newer look after 6 months.

There can be several options for an explainer video like a whiteboard, infographics, character-based, typography, etc., one has to choose wisely according to their budget and target market. One should always keep in mind the location while searching & shortlisting a video explainer company. For example, always look for companies in big cities because they would be catering to a more client, thus their exposure would be greater than a company located in a small city. If you had finalized an explainer video company in Delhi, one should ride on the advantage of their expertise in storytelling and technical know-how. Plus, they would offer their service at an affordable price.

Happy Videoing!