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August 13, 2021
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August 19, 2021

6 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Essential For a Business

As per Bright cove, videos have resulted in a 157% organic traffic increase from search engine result pages. There’s no doubt that videos have resulted in a better understanding of the product. Here are the top 6 reasons that make video marketing essential for a business:

  • Boosts viewer engagement: People are more likely to remember a video, in fact, videos on Facebook have increased end-user engagement by 33%.
  • Videos are SEO friendly: Google’s top results include video suggestions, with the right SEO headline, title, description, and keywords, your video can also rank better on Youtube and Google.
  • Videos can explain anything better: Many customers say that they first watch an explainer video and then buy a product. It helps them understand the product and its uses better.
  • Videos are a great trust-building tool: Any business thrives on trust. Promotional and explainer videos can foster trust faster than anything else.
  • Videos show a great ROI: Developing video content is not that easy, but this can be made easy with the best production house. Tubular insights say that 73% of B2B businesses agree that videos have a positive impact on their numbers.
  • Increases retention rates: Videos hook customers’ attention in no time hence is an amazing tool to be leveraged to keep viewers on your site a bit longer.

A good video captures its audiences’ attention in a way that no text or a static post does. Video marketing can be fruitful for small businesses. Whether you are hiring a corporate video maker agency or trying it yourself, you need to get a video strategy.

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