If you are reading this you already know the advantages of video marketing. Hubspot has recently reported that 83% of video marketers have generated business leads on a daily basis. So the question here is what does a good video marketing strategy include? Here is a list of video marketing strategy essentials that corporate video makers swear by for themselves: It should be goal-based: Clearly, videos can be made for every step of the marketing
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Twitter recently released a report saying that it has seen a 220x growth via video views in only twelve months. There’s no doubt that video marketing has been one of the biggest trends of 2021 and will continue to be. So if you are wondering to start your video marketing journey, here are the 6 best platforms by top corporate video makers that you can choose for your business: Facebook watch Launched in 2017, facebook
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Video marketing has been the talk of the town. According to Wyzowl, 63% of businesses shave started including videos as a part of their content marketing strategy. But why has video marketing seen a sudden rise? Ask any corporate video maker, and they will not be able to stop explaining the benefits. We are here to discuss exactly those, here are 5 reasons that explain why video marketing is the best: Videos provide an amazing
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As per Bright cove, videos have resulted in a 157% organic traffic increase from search engine result pages. There’s no doubt that videos have resulted in a better understanding of the product. Here are the top 6 reasons that make video marketing essential for a business: Boosts viewer engagement: People are more likely to remember a video, in fact, videos on Facebook have increased end-user engagement by 33%. Videos are SEO friendly: Google’s top results