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August 19, 2021
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2021 Video Marketing Strategy Essentials

If you are reading this you already know the advantages of video marketing. Hubspot has recently reported that 83% of video marketers have generated business leads on a daily basis. So the question here is what does a good video marketing strategy include?

Here is a list of video marketing strategy essentials that corporate video makers swear by for themselves:

  • It should be goal-based: Clearly, videos can be made for every step of the marketing funnel, you can make brand awareness videos, engagement videos, or feedback videos. The first step is to understand what the video would communicate.
  • It should be customer-related: You cannot sell a product by commercializing teens for a product made for toddlers. A good strategy knows its customer persona. It should be able to answer the Who, What, and Where of the target audience.
  • Create a storyline and Go creative: Every video tells a story, even a commercial. You should find your storyline and be able to depict it creatively.
  • Take timelines seriously: In such times of trends and moment marketing, you should know that creating videos and posting them on time is the key. The video won’t attract customers if the trend goes out of the market.
  • Have a realistic budget: It is true that every type of video has a different budget. These budgets can be decided by their duration, creative process, or the size of the team involved. Research well on a budget before splurge spending.

While planning and executing are essentials of any good ad strategy, these are some points that you should not forget while deciding your strategy. This will help you in the long run.

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