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September 24, 2021
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How to Build Community With the Power of Video

Online communities are rising so much that people nowadays rely on these communities for news, learning, and even sharing thoughts and experiences. Online communities have become a safe space for many. People follow communities from different parts of the world, they are all different, with just one issue, feeling, goal, or concern in common. 

Like our internet community Wellbeing with pranic healing has over 23k active and organic followers, this safe space has made so much progress in very little time. Now, the question is how? 

Well, the simple answer to it is videos. Yes, through videos we were able to gather the attention of 23k people above all geographical boundaries. And through our experience, we are here to tell you how to build such communities.

  1. Focus on an issue: You must research the market and understand what are the issues being faced by your target audience and pick one that you and your product/service can solve.
  2. Talk to the audience through videos: Videos capture human emotions very easily. Use this power to your advantage, don’t deliver a lecture rather engage with them. Ask them to write to you, mention their queries in comments, or even what other things they would like to hear about.
  3. Take action: Now that you know your audience is interacting with you, connect with them. Reply to everyone and take action in helping them. You can also share testimonials and feedback from other community members in your videos to attract more new members.

Building communities is a great way to reach out to people. It improves brand loyalty and customer engagement. To seek more advice on community building, book an appointment with Reel on Social today!

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